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At the noon hour on May 30, President Dave Dominick opened the meeting.  He began by thanking the meeting volunteers: Greeters Bob Cardinal and Lynne Beck, scribe Valdi Stefanson and visiting Rotarians/guests/happy dollars Melissa Musliner.
Michael-jon Pease provided the inspirational minute, which referenced yesterday’s Memorial Day.  He quoted three World War 1 poets, which included a prophetic verse from “On Flanders Field”.  Thereafter, we all joined him reciting the 4-way test. 
Next up was a report from our current-year Youth Exchange Student – Dylan, who traveled from Brazil to St. Paul last fall.  Dylan’s report was rich in appreciation for her three host families, her fellow school classmates, and the Minnesotans she met along the way.    She made fast friends by joining her school theatre club and participated in two productions.  She added that the experience led to gaining confidence and “it changed my personality”.  One host family took her to New York! 
Of course, she mentioned our long and snowy 2022-23 winter season, noting the need to buy warm outerwear.  And mosquitoes of late…     More importantly, her St Paul experience brought personal growth – adaptability, and gaining confidence.  Thanking club 10, she ended by stating that the experience “Changed my life forever.”
Michael-jon Pease introduced the featured speaker Chris Harrington, CEO  & President of Ordway.   Chris had lived and worked in Detroit all his life and spoke of stepping out of his comfort zone in migrating to St Paul some two years ago.   Since then, his mantra has been to use his leadership to spark curiosity and connect people through the arts.
Ordway was built some 40 years ago and is now a vibrant element in the Arts Partnership, which links four local arts groups.  Then, Chris surprised us by stating that our local arts and culture community adds 1 trillion dollars in economic impact!    Ordway alone has 57 full-time and 457 part-time colleagues.  Six unions are involved in their productions.  Ordway has calculated that their economic impact is a 3.27 dollar multiplier from ticket sales.  To add, Minnesota has the second most theatre companies per capita in the country – second only to New York.
Ordway reaches out to all audiences with art/culture.  This summer, for example, they will offer four free outdoor events.  They even provide transportation to the venue in a program to introduce new, low-income patrons.
Next, Melissa Musliner asked for Happy Dollars.  Notably, Dana Bruce bragged that St. Paul has the second-best public parks system in the nation, according to the Trust for Public Land, which just released its annual ranking of 100 municipal park systems and found Minnesota's capital city to again be second to one  -- and that was Washington DC, where its city was designed specifically with federally-funded park spaces.  Dana also noted that poor Minneapolis was named # 3.
 Dave Dominick reported on upcoming club 10 events:
 -          club 10 volunteering opportunity at Grand Old Day on Sunday, June 4th.  Members are encouraged to take on a shift selling admission wristbands at the event between 9 am and 6 pm
 -          501: June 6th, 2023, at Camp Bar- St. Paul Rotary Club Foundation Donor Appreciation Event
 -          Next Signature Luncheon meeting: June 13, 2023, featuring Don H. Hall, author of  Generation of Wealth
Respectfully submitted,
Valdi Stefanson
Rotary 5:01     May 16, 2023
President Dave Dominick called the meeting to order at 5:25pm.  Greeters were Bill Collins and
Susan Rostkoski.  Technology team supported by Matt Magers, Dave Wolfgram, and
Al Zdrazil.  At the start of the meeting there were 24 people in attendance.  President Dave
led with the Pledge of Allegiance and 4-way Test.  A Resolution to appoint to the Council On Legislation and the Council On Resolutions:  PDG Ken Crabb – passed: Yeas all.   Bill Collins introduced visiting Rotarians
and guests.  The program was discussion of our Club Assembly.  Shelley Rucks introduced
our discussion.  Focus was on Member Engagement, Club Service, and Membership Growth. Several comments reinforcing the need for Service Projects helping monthly or weekly supported by the Saint Paul Rotary.
Bill Collins collected more Happy Dollars than ever before at a 5:01 meeting.
President Dave mentioned club announcements, namely Cleveland Garden Planting, Tuesday, May 23.
A Signature Luncheon on May 23rd, Education Day.  Signature Luncheon on May 30.
Speaker Chris Harrington, CEO and President, Ordway Theatre. 
Adjournment at 6:20pm
If you have any questions, please feel free to call Bob Cardinal Cell: 651-398-1457
At the noon hour on May 9th at the offices and production areas at TPT (Twin Cities Public Television), President Elect Heidi Fisher opened the meeting.  She began by thanking the meeting volunteers: Greeter Al Zdrazil, scribe Valdi Stefanson and visiting Rotarians/guests/happy dollars Bill Collins.
Nancy Brady provided the inspirational minute (a poem), and then we all joined her reciting the 4-way test. 
Next up was John Kupris to introduce all to TPT.  He told of the organization’s start in a modest wooden building on the St Paul campus of the University of Minnesota back in 1957.  Their next locale in 1965 was a commercial building south of the State Fairgrounds, and finally, in 1989, to the present site in St Paul’s Lowertown.   He noted that on site are both programming and production facilities, in service to some 120,000 contributing members and TV audiences in the USA and beyond.
John then proudly introduced speaker Sylvia Strobel, President and CEO.  Sylvia fist played an impressive short video that celebrates the talents and productions of TPT.  Sylvia spoke of her 30 year career in public media, and indicated that many at TPT have similar long tenures.   TPT produces TV content with emphasis on public affairs, history, arts/culture and outdoors.  Production includes multiple languages and, during COVID, home learning. (COVID helped TPT and saw increased viewership and memberships.)
TPT produces some national shows here in St. Paul.  Their America Outdoors program has 10 million viewers! Also, TPT is one of the largest producers of children’s programming.   Their Almanac show was started 40 years ago.  TPT has recently rolled out a streaming, on demand programming service, titled the Passport Program.  
After some Happy Dollars, Heidi Fisher reported on upcoming club 10 events:
- Next meeting - 501: May 16, 2023
- Signature Luncheon: May 23, 2023, featuring Education Day
- Signature Luncheon: May 30, 2023, featuring Chris Harrington, President  & CEO, Ordway
- 501: June 6th, 2023, at Camp Bar- St. Paul Rotary Club Foundation Donor Appreciation Event
Also, don’t forget a club 10 volunteering opportunity at Grand Old Day on Sunday, June 4th!  We will be selling admission wristbands at the event between 9 am and 6 pm.
Once the meeting formally adjourned, many stuck around for a tour of TPT.   John Kupris and others gave us a glimpse of public areas and also the set of the Almanac show, sound booth etc.
Respectfully submitted,
Valdi Stefanson
Rotary Club of Saint Paul
May 2, 2023
President Dave Dominick called the hybrid meeting to order at 5:20 pm. Lynne Beck was scribe. The greeter was Bill Collins. The A/V Teach Team was David Wolfgram, Ken Crabb and Matt Magers.
Dave Dominick led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance and Lynne Beck led the club in the 4-Way Test.
Bill Collins introduced guests, including Jack Gibbons, a member of the Stillwater Sunrise Club who has visited 60 clubs this year; Khadiya, a teacher at Central H.S.; and Margarita Jules with the Small Business Administration. Dominick read the names of members with birthdays and Rotary anniversaries in May.  
Dave Dominick introduced the speaker, Al Zdrazil, past president of the Rotary Club of Saint Paul who talked about the upcoming trip to St. Paul’s Sister City Nagasaki Japan in October 2023. He begun by presenting information about the city. Nagasaki, located in the south of Japan, has a tropical, volcanic climate. Portuguese traders and later the Dutch colonized areas of the county, including Nagasaki. In the late 1800’s, it was a special city since it was the only harbor open to foreign trade when Japan’s borders were closed. On August 9, 1945, the United States dropped an atomic bomb on the city to end the war in the Pacific. Even today, people suffer the effects of the bomb.
Nagasaki is a modern port city that was rebuilt after WWII. Since 1955, St. Paul and Nagasaki have been sister cities. It was the first sister city in Asia. The Rotary Club of Saint Paul has a long history of youth exchanges with the city. There is even a Saint Paul Street in Nagasaki and a Nagasaki Road in Saint Paul on the south side of Como Park. Over the years the Rotary Club of Saint Paul has donated totem poles to place in Nagasaki’s Peace Park where the bomb exploded, but they have not lasted. Recently, the club replaced the totem pole with an 8’ bronze replica of the Vision of Peace statue that resides in the Ramsey County Court House in St. Paul. 
Al outlined the details about the trip to Nagasaki from Oct. 5-9, 2023: events planned, lodging, flights, overall daily costs, etc. Interested Rotarians should contact Al at 651-675-9838 or  Al finished by answering questions about Nagasaki and the upcoming trip.
Bill Collins asked for Happy Dollars. They included Happy Dollars for the great RYLA weekend, Bill Collin’s hiking trip in Italy, Lynne Beck’s journey in Egypt and Jordan, the incredible volunteer experience at the Science Museum of Minnesota, and the Rotary Community Forum.
David Dominick made the following club announcements:
  • Last Call – History Theatre – May 4, 2023
Camp Bar:  5:30 PM Social/7:30 History Theatre Performance
  • Signature Luncheon – May 9, 2023
Rotation Day – TPT PBS – Reservations Required
  • 501: May 16, 2023
  • Signature Luncheon: May 23, 2023
Education Day
Dave Dominick gave St. Paul Rotary Foundation Updates
  • Centennial Scholarship Application Period is Open (Linda Mulhern)
  • Coffee Fundraiser Continues (Dion Powers)
  • New: 2024 St. Paul Rotary Foundation Polar Bear Plunge (John Chandler)
  • Donor Appreciation Event: June 6, 2023
Camp Bar: 5:00 PM
Ken Crabb encouraged people to recruit new members and nominate someone for the Spirit of Rotary Award. Forms for both were distributed on the tables. There are volunteer opportunities on June 4 at Grand Old Days and with the Wall That Heals for the Vietnam Memorial Fund, May 26-29.
The meeting closed at 6:12 pm.  
Lynne Beck
Saint Paul Rotary Signature Lunch  Tuesday April 11, 2023
President Dave Dominick started our Rotary meeting at 12:15 pm.  Jason Dekeuster and Beth Naughton greeted Rotarians.  Lynne Beck welcomed Rotarians online.  Al Zdrazil, Matt Magers, and Dave Wolfgram worked technology for Zoon and room audio/visual and speakers.  Amanda Mai, club coordinator, handled Rotarians' concerns and issues at the entrance of the banquet room.  All Rotarians in attendance stood for the pledge of allegiance.  There were 27 Rotarians at the beginning of the meeting which included two guests from Eden Prairie rotary.  The inspirational minute and 4-way test was given by Bob Cardinal.  Introduction of visiting Rotarians and guests was presented by Beth Naughton.  Our Rotary Board of Director member, Pat Brault, introduced the day's speaker.  Robb Hiller, a 26 year Rotarian from Eden Prairie, was our speaker.  The name of the topic of his presentation "Winning in Business and in Life."  Words used by Robb - "I believe in You."  His books are "Running With Joy" and "The Power of 3."  Publisher: Tyndale Publishing.  Mayo Clinic says 74% of illnesses are chronic and come from stress... What if you could help solve this key problem starting today?  Robb had cancer in 2017.  He is a survivor.  His doctor does not know how he beat cancer in three (3) locations in his body.
Happy Dollars were collected by Beth Naughton.  President Dave mentioned upcoming events.  No club meeting on April 18 with the Rotary Community Forum taking place on Wednesday, April 19, 2023.  Camp RYLA Barbecue to take place on Sunday, April 23, at YMCA Camp St. Croix.  Signature luncheon, Tuesday, April 25.  Camp RYLA at 317 on Rice Park. 
The meeting completed at 1:30 pm.
If you have any questions, call Bob Cardinal at cell number 651-398-1457.
Saint Paul Rotary 5:01    Tuesday, April 4, 2023    University Club
President Dave Dominick called the meeting to order at 5:20pm.  There were 24 attendees present.  Heidi Fisher greeted Rotarians.  Matt Mangers and Dave Wolfgram provided technical assistance as the Technology Team for several zoom attendees.  Bill Collins led in the Pledge of Allegiance and the Four-Way Test.  Visiting Rotarians were introduced by Susan Rostkoski, introducing one new Saint Paul Rotarian member: Joel Theisen.  President Dave read off 12 Rotarians whom have an April birthday.  President Dave also read off 10 April anniversaries.  Those with the most years for April are Chuck Dietz celebrating 30 years and Donovan Schwichtenberg celebrating 25 years.  President Dave introduced the program “Club Meeting Venue Update.”  Shelly Rucks, Secretary and President Elect, announced Rotary venue suggestions.  Over 25 possibilities were presented as future Saint Paul Rotary venues.  Seven venues were singled out as real possibilities.  Shelly Rucks Introduced the Saint Paul Rotarian that was assigned to each possible venue.
  1.  Karin Ciano presented the information about DoubleTree Hotel
  2. Sherry Howe presented InterContinental
  3. Doug Bruce presented Pool & Yacht Club
  4. Shelly Rucks presented Saint Paul Saints Securian Club
  5. Carolyn Will presented Momento
  6. Todd Nicholson presented University Club
  7. Paul Kotz presented Saint Paul Athletic Club
After the Club meeting venue update at 6:15pm., Susan Rostkoski welcomed Happy Dollars.
President Dave Dominick mentioned club announcements.  The 5:01 meeting at the
University Club was completed at 6:30pm.  This was one of the Most Important Meetings of the year.  
President Dave Dominick wished all attendees and zoom attendees a Happy Easter.
If you have any questions, call Bob Cardinal at cell number 651-398-1457.
President Dave Dominick called the meeting to order at 12:15 pm and recognized the meeting volunteers -- including today’s Scribe Valdi Stefanson, Door Greeter Carolyn Will and our great A/V Tech Team of Matt Magers. Dave Wolfgram and Al Zdrazil.
Former President John Andrews provided an “Educational Moment” regarding our just-recited Pledge of Allegiance.  John informed that this pledge began in 1892 as a means of teaching kids civics.  Interestingly, in 1954 it was revised by adding the phrase “under God”.   (an homage to President Lincoln’s Gettysburg address – and a way of differentiating from “godless” Russia in those Cold War days.)  Last, John noted that no one can be compelled to recite the pledge.
Former President Michael-Jon Pease introduced a couple of guests in the room.  Ken Schaefer introduced speaker Ron Peluso, recently retired Artistic Director of the St Paul History Theatre.   Ron spoke of a proud career including over 90 productions throughout his 27 year career.  The History Theatre creates plays that tell the story of America – “warts and all”  (after all, no one is perfect”)    In short, real stories about real people – our heroes - where their lives are put on stage, as we collectively remember and wrestle with our local history.
No other theatre has its unique focus.  Difficult topics are featured.  Highwayman for example, tells of the fracturing of the Rondo neighborhood.  The Watermelon Hill play  tells of the Catholic Infant Home that housed and supported young women and their illegitimate infants.  Ron spoke of the impactful and inciteful post-production “talk back” sessions after the show, where audience members  participate with the production cast in a Q & A session.    
Christopher Taykalo collected for Happy Dollars.  Ironically, Christopher himself is performing in  the Ragtime production at The Morris Park Players Theatre – March 30th – April 16th.  He noted that if ticket buyers enter “Christopher” while registering, they will receive a price discount.
 Next 501 Inspirational Lounge (April 4, 2023)
Speaker – Shelly RucksClub Meeting Venue Update
Next Signature Lunch Meeting (Tuesday, April 11, 2022) 
Speaker – Robb Hiller, CEO and author: Performance Solutions – Running with Joy
NOTE: No club meeting on Tuesday April 18th.  Please support Rotary Community Forum on April 19th
Ken Crabb introduced a club 10 volunteering opportunity:  Meet at the Science Museum of Minnesota on Thursday, April 20th and Saturday, April 29th --- approx 10 am to 2 pm.  Duties include providing experiments to Museum guests (we will be trained) and also attend a Rotary Information Table.  Speak to Ken if you have questions.
Tuesday, March 21, 2023
University Club – Saint Paul Minnesota
David Dominic, President,  called the meeting to order and announced and thanked the meeting volunteers:
  • Scribe - Ken Schaefer
  • Greeter - Bill Collins
  • Technology Team - Matt Majors, Dave Wolfgram and Al Zdrazil
  • Visiting Rotarians, Guests, and Happy Dollars - Brianna Haglin
The pledge of allegiance was recited, followed by the Rotary Four-Way test.
Brianna Haglin introduced visiting Rotarians Pam McClanahan and Carol Russell from the Minneapolis City of Lakes Club.
Our guest speaker was Jen Moberg, the Emergency Department Director of at Regions Hospital.  Jen provided background on Regions’ emergency department that includes a level one trauma center.  Regions services the East Metro and Western Wisconsin areas.   The presentation and Q&A were well-received by the members.
Happy dollars were led by Brianna Haglin as well as club announcements, including:
  • Ron Peluso, the recently retired Artistic Director of History Theatre.  Ron will speak at our Signature luncheon on March 28th.
  • Shelly Rucks will lead a discussion of club venues at the April 4 “501”.
  • Robb Hiller, CEO and author from Performance Solutions is our speaker for the Signature luncheon on April 11.
  • There is no Tuesday meeting on April 19 with members encouraged to attend the 17th annual Sunrise Forum on Wednesday, April 19. The forum will run from 7:15 to 9:15 AM and with the topic “The Crisis is Ours - Kids Schools and Mental Health”. The forum will be held at the Woman’s Club of Minneapolis located at 10 Oak Grove Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota.   President Dominick will donate $500 to RCSP Foundation if 20 members attend.   Register at
  • The club has a social event scheduled for Thursday, March 4, 2023, at a performance of The Defeat of Jesse James at the History Theatre. The play starts at 7:30 and there is a social hour scheduled for 5:30 PM at the nearby Camp Bar. 
  • Members were encouraged to invite guests and perspective members to the forum and the play. 
After these announcements, the meeting was adjourned.
President Dave opened the meeting and Bill Collins ‘s Inspirational Minutes was the prayer
 May the Road rise up to meet you.” He explained that the translation for this is may you have success.  Jonah Yang brought a guest whose name is Cory Vang. B. Kyle for the St. Paul Chamber spoke to us. St Paul’s Chamber is the second largest in the state.  She opened with the economy in St. Paul” 2022 was a good year for us.  GDP grew 2.1% and we are still growing.  Incidentally Ireland grew 11% ! Interest rates – expect that one more point this year.  Inflation is still going up.  Our employment is at 2.9% this year.  Interest rates are supposed to tighten the inflation, but we will see. Tech companies are still laying off to correct from the pandemic.   Wage pressures continue.  More people looking for work.  PMI-Purchasing Managers index- is the place where they look for information.  Manufacturing did well during the pandemic, and that will slow down some in 2023. Orders are picking up for spring.  Lots of replacement hiring going on. Real Estate in Downtown- short term leases that were popular during pandemic, are being re-negotiated.  There is a 25% vacancy rate in both Mpls and St. Paul.  Pandemic slowed building down some.  There are 5 big St Paul projects going on. The Heights- still being built.  Ford Plant – The Bridges- is going strong and should be finished by 2024.  The Rivers Edge Project (old jail site) needs to get funding form the legislature, but still being built.  THE Hollow Is a private building of people of color.  US bank stepped up to help fund this.  And Pedro Park should be built this summer, with lots of water fountains.  They feel that helping the homeless is a moral responsibility of St. Paul.  Solving the Youth offenders is another place ST. Paul is helping.  John Choi and Bob Fletcher are supporting the program the city is doing.  Since St. Paul has a lot of non taxable buildings, they are going to the legislature to fund local government. Tax leveling for our city vs services is off due to the great number of tax free buildings. Pot holes was on the groups mind this day, and they are planning something,  but too early to say when it will be implemented.  Amanda Duerr also spoke and she is the Vice President of Affairs at the Chamber.
Submitted by scribe: Laurie Murphy
President Dave Dominick called the meeting to order at 5:25 pm. at the University Club.
The initial gathering was 17 Rotarians, one visitor, and several on zoom.   President Dave had all present stand to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by the 4-Way Test.
Welcome Greeter – Patrick Brault.
Tech Team – Matt Magers, Dave Wolfgram and Al Zdravil.
Bill Collins introduced visiting Rotarians and guests which numbered one. 
President Dave announced six members with March birthdays, and 12 Rotarians with multiple
years of membership.  Of the 12, Scott Vann led with most years as a member – 44 years with Saint Paul Rotary. 
The program presented by President Dave titled “Rotary Tools for Making Connections 101”  This included: How to access your Saint Paul Rotary Account. ClubRunner. Member Quick Links. My Rotary Member Dashboard. Your Member Status. Rotary International.
The three presenters, past President Michael-Jon Pease, past District Governor Ken Crabb, and also President Dave Dominick.  Happy Dollars were collected by Bill Collins.  Club announcements  presented by President Dave Dominick.  The meeting was adjourned at 6:20pm.
Best question of the 5:01 meeting:  Who is Paul Harris? 
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Bob Cardinal M: 651-398-1457
P.S.  Save the Date.   April 19, 2023   --  Rotary Annual Community Forum