Encouraging Future Leaders

We honor a student of the month at Gordon Parks High School and award a scholarship for post-secondary education to a graduating senior each year. This wonderful partnership was started by St. Paul Sunrise Rotary Club, which flourished for many years in the Midway neighborhood after being chartered by St. Paul Rotary. St. Paul Sunrise sunset its club in 2022, moving this special relationship with Gordon Parks High School to St. Paul Rotary. We are proud to build on this partnership.
About Gordon Parks High School

St. Paul native Gordon Parks’ life and work as a photographer, film-maker, writer, and civil rights activist provides us with a model for the kind of thoughtful, active, and successful citizens we are dedicated to helping our students become.

We offer flexible programming, media-infused courses and curriculum, a supportive advisory program to help keep our students on track for graduation, and a host of community partnerships, internships, and job support activities for our students. We are a small, orderly, and friendly school where it is impossible for students to be invisible or to get lost in the shuffle.

At Gordon Parks, students are expected to practice thinking in real ways as a part of their daily experience school experience. We expect them to be full participants in their own educations and to take themselves and their possibilities seriously. The bottom line is that effort makes the difference. As the great American poet Maya Angelou writes, “Nothing works unless you work.”

How Can Rotarians Participate?
  • Serve on the Gordon Parks HS Partnership Team
  • Let parents, students, teachers and counselors know about the program
  • Help present student of the month awards
  • Help drive students to St Paul Rotary meetings and events
  • Contribute to the Gordon Parks HS Scholarship Fund