A Generation of Relationships in South America and Africa

St. Paul Rotary has developed strong relationships over the decades in South America and Africa through a variety of projects. The largest project we have led is the building of the Laguna Sulti Reservoir in Bolivia with our partner Mano a Mano. Funds have been secured to expand the reservoir so that more farmers can have access to reliable water for crops. Political and COVID realities have paused the work, but the relationships continue.
St. Paul Rotary is also an active contributor to global projects led by other clubs, such as the pioneering "Iringa Hope" project to create a sustainable loan fund in Tanzania led by Lakeville Rotary. That initial $225,000 project has created more than $2 Million in impact.
The dollars and the projects are the quantifiable results of forming real relationships with Rotary clubs around the world. These clubs who are made up of volunteer leaders working to improve their community just like us. The positive peace that is created Rotarian by Rotarian is very real for all that it may seem intangible.

New Ultrasound at Nyahbike Refugee Camp, Rwanda

This 2020 project came to us through St Paul Rotarian and former District Governor Dr. Ken Crabb. On a trip to Rwanda with Alight, he met fellow Rotarians working to improve conditions at Nyahbike Refugee Camp, which had a good clinic but needed an ultrasound machine. As an OBGYN himself, Ken couldn't imagine trying to treat women without an ultrasound. Ken's tireless fundraising from other clubs, plus the generosity of St Paul Rotarians added this vital equipment to this busy clinic.

Rotaractor Betty Umugiraneza

Gwen and Ken Crobb (St Paul Rotary);

Eddy Seners, President Kigali Rotary Club identify the need

Nyahbike Clinic's delivery room where about 300 babies are born each year

St Paul Rotary ultrasound machine in use at Nyahbike Clinic!


St Paul Rotarians in Bolivia checking on the progress of Laguna Sulti Reservoir
Water flowing from the Laguna Sulti Reservoir, Bolivia
Failed crops near Laguna Sulti prior to the availability of water for irrigation
Successful harvests have followed the building of the Reservoir. St Paul Rotary is now working to expand the Reservoir despite political and COVID realities.
Mothers wait at the Nyahbike Refugee Camp Clinic
Nyahbike Refugee Camp Clinic in Rwanda. The Camp has been housing families for more than 30 years - some Rwandans spend their entire lives in the refugee camp.
How Can Rotarians Participate? 
  • Propose projects and partnerships to our Global Grants Team
  • Travel to check on the progress of current and proposed projects
  • Contribute to Rotary International, which matches funds from individual clubs and awards large grants to clubs for this work
  • Become trained in applying for Rotary Global Grants
  • Join the Global Grants Team