Education, Awareness and Helping Others

St. Paul Rotary partners with Cherish All Children to raise awareness and help survivors of trafficking build new healthy lives. Our Team for Ending Human Trafficking has outlined key steps for the coming year:
  • Education and Awareness: regular speakers ground us in realities, remedies and ways we can help. Speakers have included Ramsey County Attorney John Choi; FBI special agents; Minnesota Children's Law Center; and a survivor of labor trafficking.
  • Helping others: St. Paul Rotarians have stepped up to provide holiday gifts for residents of Cherish All Children's residential programs. In 2021 we had a team participate in the virtual 5K. Club members have led drives to collect personal care items for survivors living in shelters and transitional housing.
  • Linking resources: Thanks to the great work of club member Dr. Meaghan Johansen, the club connected one of our first speakers, survivor and author Bukola Oriola to the MN Dept of Corrections where she is now a trainer helping officers identify the signs of trafficking and helping inmates being released become aware of the signs and traps that lead to being trafficked.
The capital city - and all of Minnesota - is unfortunately a hot bed of trafficking with its easy international access and network of interstates. As club members become more attuned to the scope of the problem and the needs of those affected, we look forward to moving from awareness and support to meaningful action.
A huge THANK YOU to St. Paul Rotary for supporting 22 youth at Metro Youth Homeless Services during the holidays.
To receive a new comforter, new toys, new clothes, or new headphones…not hand-me-downs really means a lot, making youth feel truly valued and cared for.
How Can Rotarians Participate?
  • Join our Team on Ending Human Trafficking
  • Participate in the 2022 Cherish All Children 5K
  • Donate personal items to Breaking Free for those living in transitional shelters and residences (there is always a special need for African American hair care items in addition to personal hygiene items)