Posted by Valdi Stefanson on May 10, 2023
At the noon hour on May 9th at the offices and production areas at TPT (Twin Cities Public Television), President Elect Heidi Fisher opened the meeting.  She began by thanking the meeting volunteers: Greeter Al Zdrazil, scribe Valdi Stefanson and visiting Rotarians/guests/happy dollars Bill Collins.
Nancy Brady provided the inspirational minute (a poem), and then we all joined her reciting the 4-way test. 
Next up was John Kupris to introduce all to TPT.  He told of the organization’s start in a modest wooden building on the St Paul campus of the University of Minnesota back in 1957.  Their next locale in 1965 was a commercial building south of the State Fairgrounds, and finally, in 1989, to the present site in St Paul’s Lowertown.   He noted that on site are both programming and production facilities, in service to some 120,000 contributing members and TV audiences in the USA and beyond.
John then proudly introduced speaker Sylvia Strobel, President and CEO.  Sylvia fist played an impressive short video that celebrates the talents and productions of TPT.  Sylvia spoke of her 30 year career in public media, and indicated that many at TPT have similar long tenures.   TPT produces TV content with emphasis on public affairs, history, arts/culture and outdoors.  Production includes multiple languages and, during COVID, home learning. (COVID helped TPT and saw increased viewership and memberships.)
TPT produces some national shows here in St. Paul.  Their America Outdoors program has 10 million viewers! Also, TPT is one of the largest producers of children’s programming.   Their Almanac show was started 40 years ago.  TPT has recently rolled out a streaming, on demand programming service, titled the Passport Program.  
After some Happy Dollars, Heidi Fisher reported on upcoming club 10 events:
- Next meeting - 501: May 16, 2023
- Signature Luncheon: May 23, 2023, featuring Education Day
- Signature Luncheon: May 30, 2023, featuring Chris Harrington, President  & CEO, Ordway
- 501: June 6th, 2023, at Camp Bar- St. Paul Rotary Club Foundation Donor Appreciation Event
Also, don’t forget a club 10 volunteering opportunity at Grand Old Day on Sunday, June 4th!  We will be selling admission wristbands at the event between 9 am and 6 pm.
Once the meeting formally adjourned, many stuck around for a tour of TPT.   John Kupris and others gave us a glimpse of public areas and also the set of the Almanac show, sound booth etc.
Respectfully submitted,
Valdi Stefanson