Posted by Kenneth Schaefer on Mar 30, 2023
President Dave Dominick called the meeting to order at 12:15 pm and recognized the meeting volunteers -- including today’s Scribe Valdi Stefanson, Door Greeter Carolyn Will and our great A/V Tech Team of Matt Magers. Dave Wolfgram and Al Zdrazil.
Former President John Andrews provided an “Educational Moment” regarding our just-recited Pledge of Allegiance.  John informed that this pledge began in 1892 as a means of teaching kids civics.  Interestingly, in 1954 it was revised by adding the phrase “under God”.   (an homage to President Lincoln’s Gettysburg address – and a way of differentiating from “godless” Russia in those Cold War days.)  Last, John noted that no one can be compelled to recite the pledge.
Former President Michael-Jon Pease introduced a couple of guests in the room.  Ken Schaefer introduced speaker Ron Peluso, recently retired Artistic Director of the St Paul History Theatre.   Ron spoke of a proud career including over 90 productions throughout his 27 year career.  The History Theatre creates plays that tell the story of America – “warts and all”  (after all, no one is perfect”)    In short, real stories about real people – our heroes - where their lives are put on stage, as we collectively remember and wrestle with our local history.
No other theatre has its unique focus.  Difficult topics are featured.  Highwayman for example, tells of the fracturing of the Rondo neighborhood.  The Watermelon Hill play  tells of the Catholic Infant Home that housed and supported young women and their illegitimate infants.  Ron spoke of the impactful and inciteful post-production “talk back” sessions after the show, where audience members  participate with the production cast in a Q & A session.    
Christopher Taykalo collected for Happy Dollars.  Ironically, Christopher himself is performing in  the Ragtime production at The Morris Park Players Theatre – March 30th – April 16th.  He noted that if ticket buyers enter “Christopher” while registering, they will receive a price discount.
 Next 501 Inspirational Lounge (April 4, 2023)
Speaker – Shelly RucksClub Meeting Venue Update
Next Signature Lunch Meeting (Tuesday, April 11, 2022) 
Speaker – Robb Hiller, CEO and author: Performance Solutions – Running with Joy
NOTE: No club meeting on Tuesday April 18th.  Please support Rotary Community Forum on April 19th
Ken Crabb introduced a club 10 volunteering opportunity:  Meet at the Science Museum of Minnesota on Thursday, April 20th and Saturday, April 29th --- approx 10 am to 2 pm.  Duties include providing experiments to Museum guests (we will be trained) and also attend a Rotary Information Table.  Speak to Ken if you have questions.