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Saint Paul Rotary Signature Luncheon     Tuesday, January 24, 2023
President Dave Dominick welcomed Rotarians and called to order the meeting at 12:15pm.
Meeting greeters included John Andrews, Ken Schaefer, Ellen Kennedy, and Brianna Haglin.
The excellent technology team members included Matt Magers, Noble Orji, and Dave Wolfgram.
The scribe counted 45 Saint Paul Rotarians and guests in attendance.  Shelly Rucks gave the Inspirational Minute and led the meeting in the 4-Way Test.  Past president John Chandler introduced several
guests.  The speaker introduction by Incoming President Heidi Fischer
Heidi introduced Hamline University President Fayneese S. Miller.  President Miller has been
President of Hamline University since 2015.   President Miller presented many firsts of Hamline
in Minnesota and nationally.  John Chandler, with the revolving microphone assisted Rotarians
with questions for President Miller.  President Miller added more than just a simple answer to the
questions.  Happy Dollars were collected by John Chandler. 
President Dave announced upcoming events.  Meeting adjourned at 1:10pm .
If you have any questions, feel free to call:  Bob Cardinal  M: 651-398-1457
President Dave Dominic opened the Saint Paul Rotary Club #10 Tuesday, January 17th 5:01 meeting at the University Club at 5:25pm.
Bill Collins greeted attendees and Ellen Kennedy greeted members on the Zoom Call. 
The Tech team of David Wolfgram, Matt Magers, and Ken Crabb kept us internet ZOOM live. 
The Four-Way test was said by all.  There were 35 members in attendance and a few
guests.  Bill Collins welcomed visiting Rotarians and guests.  The program was introduced by President Dave.  Shelley Rucks presented Rotary survey results addressing change of venue
for luncheon meetings. Over 60 club members participated in taking and giving responses to the internet generated survey. The number one reason members said, they attend our Saint Paul Rotary luncheons is the program.
The number two reason to attend was location. Tied for number two reason and number three reason were food quality and easy parking.   Luncheon venue discussion continued for thirty minutes.  At least half of the Saint Paul Rotary Rotarians in attendance asked questions and offered comments as to what should be a factor in choosing the Club Noon venue.  Happy Dollars were collected by Bill Collins. 
Club Announcements were presented President Dave Dominic and the meeting adjourned at
6:30pm.   If you have any questions feel free to call:  Bob Cardinal  M: 651-398-1457
Walking into the 501 at the University Club you would immediately recognize the beautiful Christmas
music from a piano.  That piano was being played by former president Doug Hartford.
President Dave Dominic called the meeting to order and welcomed Rotarians at 5:25pm.
All participated in the Rotary 4-way test.  Introduction of visiting Rotarians and guests
included 25 Saint Paul Rotarians.  Guests included Virgil Thomas, guest of Jim Miller;
John Purvis, visiting Rotarian; Dan Powers, husband of Dion Powers.
Deb Katzmark introduced her husband Jack. 
President Dave introduced the program.  Three Saint Paul Rotarians:  Michael-jon Peace,
Susan Rostkoski, and Christopher Taykalo.  These three Rotarians spoke about their recent
vacation trip to Belgium and Amsterdam.  A slide show of their trip to Europe included
over 20 slides.  They talked about their visiting museums and restaurants and dinners
with friends.
President Dave handled the Ugly Sweater contest.  The winner was Brianna Haglin.
President Dave did not enter the Ugly Sweater contest but he did not disappoint. He
deserved the number one prize for his special green Christmas sweater with bulbs and
green tinsel attached.  Happy dollars were presented. 
Beth Naughton announced her retirement from the Minnesota History Society.
The meeting was adjourned at 6:20pm with a total of 30 people in attendance.
If you have any questions, please call Bob Cardinal 651-398-1457
President Dave opened the meeting and Bob Cardinal, our Sergeant at Arms greeted everyone. On line greeter was dzr. Ellen Kennedy, Matt Majors and Dave Wolfgram were our tech team, John Andrew did our Inspirational minute and 4 way test, and Bill Collins did the happy dollars and intro of guests and Visiting Rotarians.
Jay Pfaender, who is a member of the RCHS Editorial Board, did our presentation on Oliver Crosby and the Stonebridge Mansion.  Oliver Crosby was President of American Hoist and Derrick or Amhoist. He was also a mechanical engineer. He would work nights on engineering projects for the company and for his mansion. He became famous for his Crosby Clip, used in lifting and securing heavy objects.    Crosby also invented a machine to move logs, a ditch digger, and several cranes.  Amhoist was the largest employer in St. Paul, and all the engineers wanted to work there. In 1934 Fred Crosby thought he would be the next person to be kidnapped after Braemer was kidnapped, so he moved to 804 Lincoln.  Fred Crosby, Olivers son, also lived at 2010 Summit Ave, and he succeeded his father as president of Amhoist. There was no wood in the construction of the outside of the house, but there was wood on the inside.  The house was 20,000 sq feet. The garage had 4 grease pits. The house also had electricity, which was a new thing in 1917.  The grounds had grass cutting machines, tree trimming machines and machines to move the water.   It was built in 1917 and torn down and parts auctioned off by 1952.  The 40 acers was subdivided into buildable lots in the 40’s and 50’s.  The architect of the Mansion was Clarence Johnson, who did many state buildings in Minnesota and houses on Summit Ave. Remnants of the house can be seen all over St. Paul: the gates of the Mansion are at Como Park, the frog from the pool is at the Conservatory, the round-a-bout is still there, an urn and some decorative parts of the gate are still there. The Stonebridge is still there also and can be seen for River Drive. 
Rotary Minutes Dec. 6, 2022
President Dave Dominick opened the meeting. Door greeters were Dick Nicholson and Pat Hartford.  Technology team was Mark Wolfgram and Ken Crabb. Bob Cardinal did Happy Dollars and intros of visiting guests (Virgil Thomas) and visiting Rotarians Andy Curry.  Dr. Kennedy’s husband passed way last weekend. In a project taken over by St. Paul Rotary from Sunrise Club: on Dec.8 at Gordon Parks School there will be awarded the Student of the Month.  The Gala raised $42,000, thank you all!  The speaker was Ames Sheldon who talked about her new book: Lemons in the Garden of Love.  This is a story of a distant relative of hers. This relative Blanche Ames was a pro-choice person who helped bring contraception in to the basic vernacular.  The book is a work of historical fiction. The book begins in 1978, and traces the history of contraception to the present day.  The other books Ames wrote are: Eleanor’s War and Dont Put the Boats Away. Ames has been a journalist, worked for the Sierra Club, Heath East, Minnesota History Center, wrote grants, and worked at  the Hennepin County Library.
Meeting was adjourned at 6:15.
Minutes submitted by Laurie Murphy.
Rotary Minutes Nov. 29, 2022
President Dave Dominick opened the meeting.  Bill Collins was Introducer and Happy Dollars for the meeting, Laurie Murphy was scribe, Michael jon Pease did the Inspirational Minute, Jonah Yang was the greeter, Matt Majors did technology, and Dr. Ellen Kennedy was the on-line greeter.   John Chandler presented the St Paul Rotary Foundation report.  It is the “little foundation that could”!  We had a good year, even with the treat of Covid.  We folded in the St. Paul Sunrise Club into our foundation.  What’s next? 1. Manage our assets better, 2. Become better tracking our gifts to foundation, 3. Strengthening our foundation.  Jerry Falleti took over and explained our finances: contributions were up, investment income was up , admin expense was up: $23,000.  Grants were up some, net assets had a decrease of 170,000.  Dr. Dale Quigley is a new member. Linda Mulhern gave a wrap-up of the exchange program. Past President Todd gave a highlighting of our signature programs. For 2023: there was $5000 for new projects, Cherish the Children funding increase, the Coffee bean project from the Valasques received some funding,  and the water project form Sunrise received some funding.  In Happy dollars we learned
That Sarah Kolar is retiring and TAMARA, a new member of Rotary, is buying the business form her.
Submitted by Laurie Murphy
President Dave Dominick welcomed and called to order our meeting at 5:25pm.
President Dave mentioned meeting volunteers, who included Ken Schaefer, visiting Rotations, also technology team which included Matt Matt Magers, Al Zdrazil , and Dave Wolfgram.  
Our meeting proceeded with a 4-way test.  Ken Schaefer introduced visiting Rotarians and guest which included exchange student from Brazil, Dylan Blaze Lima Ortiz. 
The program was introduced by Joy McElroy.  The Rebecca Bender video on sex trafficking victims
was presented (You can view it here.) .  Monica Jones was our speaker with the title of her talk “Trafficking Insights
From on-the Ground Experts”.  Monica Jones, who works at Life Haven Center, said the program is now 23 years in serving.
Monica Jones talked about growing up in Chicago.  Life Haven is located in East St. Paul near
I-35E and Maryland Avenue.  Monica mentioned girls learn growing up nothing is wrong with
the behavior, which crosses genders.  Following the talk, Happy Dollars, were collected.
Twenty (20) people were in attendance.   Please note:  No rotary meeting Thanksgiving week.
Happy Thanksgiving Day.
At the noon hour on November 8th at the Intercontinental Hotel, President Dave Dominick opened the meeting.  This was a hybrid meeting with in-person and online participants..  President Dominick thanked the meeting volunteers: A/V Tech Team Lead- Matt Magers, Greeter Shelly Rucks, scribe Valdi Stefanson and visiting Rotarians/guests/happy dollars Susan Rostkoski.
John Bennett provided the inspirational minute, and then we all joined him reciting the 4-way test.  In recognition of the upcoming Veterans Day, Dave Dominick mentioned ten veterans who were present, online or absent.  Those present stood and provided their branch of service and years served.  Online, Jay Pfaender did the same.
Next up was Brianna Haglin to introduce the meeting focus --- The Rotary Foundation and it's impact locally and worldwide.  Brianna characterized the robust giving of club 10 Rotarians and explained that it had been quite a while since those achieving Paul Harris recognitions had been recognized and applauded.  Then, to emphasize the point, she named and awarded pins/certificates to John Bennett, Nancy Brady, John Chandler, Tom Farnham, Heidi Fisher, Pat Hartford, Francis Luikart, Matt Magers, Paul Meekin, Andrea Mirenda, Linda Mulhern, Beth Naughton, Noble Orji, Susan Rostkoski, Ken Schaefer and Kinumo Usuda. (Those underlined received pins with one or more stones indicating additional $ 1,000 contributions.)
Valdi Stefanson was invited up to speak to the good-will and impact of club member donations to the SHARE fund at The Rotary Foundation.  He spoke of his involvement in the District 5960 Grants Team -- that reviews D5960 District and Global Grants in order to assign matching dollars returning after three years in the Evanston Rotary Headquarters.  Indeed, he commented that it is the most rewarding and inspiring Committee within District 5960.  Several current or recent humanitarian grants were mentioned.   Then, he reported on club 10 giving, as reported by the District.  Last year, District Rotarians contributed some $ 500,000, with the average around $ 200/member/year.  How are WE doing?  As it turned out, club 10'ers gave about $ 250/member/year!  Valdi highlighted the TRF contribution form on each table and noted that the SHARE fund is the one where contributions are recycled back to D5960 after three years.  Moreover, giving to Polio Plus is a separated category, with our District members providing some $ 150,000 last year.    
Brianna came to the podium again and referenced our club's most successful Paul Harris Fellow Auctions in past years, and including last June.  Today, she is proposing to assist two or three new club members who are yet without Paul Harris recognition. These members had pledged $ 100, and as such she promptly opened up "bidding" to achieve the $ 1,000 threshold.  In short order, members present donated to threshold for members Nick Carmichael and Elisa Rasmussen.  Another member may achieve Paul Harris Fellowship, once online and absent members weigh in.   Congratulations all --- the Power of Rotary...
Next up, Susan Rostkoski led a robust round of Happy Dollars. 
Shelly Rucks spoke of Valentines Day (February 14th) as the annual Joint Meeting with Club 9.  This year, we will meet at a neutral location somewhere approximately mid-point between the two Cities.  Mark your calendar. 
President Dave announced club 10 next events:
- Next Meeting – 501 on Nov 15th with the title "Trafficking Insights"
- NO Club meeting on Nov 22nd, because it is Thanksgiving week
- Signature Luncheon on Nov 29th with the title "St Paul Rotary Foundation"
- Winter Spark on Dec 1st   5:30-8:30 pm at University Club
President Elect Heidi Fisher will coordinate a Visioning Team soon that will create an online member survey.  She is looking for volunteers with this effort.  
President Dave adjourned the meeting at 1:10 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Valdi Stefanson
President Dave opened the meeting , Bob Cardinal did the intros to Visiting Rotarians, and guest, Laurie Murphy was the scribe. It was Beth Naughtons birthday!  Susan Madison is leaving Rotary and she is from Hallie Q. Brown center bit JONATHAN Palmer is our new member for Hallie Q Brown.  He is the director and was awarded a certificate for Mayor Carter.  He is one of only 6 Directors in the 93 years of Hallie Q. Browns.
We listened to two pieces of music played by a cellist and a pianist in honor of the Ukraine.  They were beautiful pieces of music one from Pear and one from Chopin. Music is the language of God, and we are crying in our souls for Ukraine.  Then the director of Rebuilding Ukraine spoke to us. Paul is a Professor of Theology at UST.  Their organization provides medical equipment, ambulances and heavy utility vehicles, and help for children.  Their specialty is the tourniquets to be used in the battle field. They shipped $544,000 dollars’ worth of aid to Ukraine in the 8 months they have been in operation. They have 100 volunteers, 70 of them in Ukraine.  Rotary just gave the $25,000 for their cause. An interesting fact to note is that wars are always the end song of empires!  This empire of Putin’s is the last empire in Europe and Putin wants to go out with a bang.   But Ukraine is very, very resilient! As we have seen.   There is also an over the counter medicine shortage that Rebuild Ukraine is helping to solve.  This is also a war about the Core Values of the Ukraine. He wanted to stress that the Ukrainians were not charity cases.   The children displaced by war, are what they are also working on. 
Laurie Murphy, scribe.
This meeting was a rousing send off for our own Jodi Erickson.  Brianna and Laurie planned the program. Our President elect Heidi Fisher held down the fort as our President Dave Dominick couldn’t attend.  Lots of lovely and lively comments by all her past presidents.  We did the 4 way test and in Jason Bradshaw’s comments, he said that Jodi embodied all of them.   Rotary gave Jodi flowers and $300 as a going away gift.   There were at least 32 people present to wish Jodi well.  So thank you Rotarians for showing up!  It was wonderful to see so many people.  Bob Cardinal had lots of Happy dollars and more tributes from the crowd for Jodi.
A fun night was had by all !
Submitted by Laurie Murphy, scribe.